Business Enterprise Centre Sunshine Coast congratulates Hive Haven – Ann and Jeff Ross for winning 2014 Innovation Business Pitch Competition.
BEC Sunshine Coast designed the winning pitch communicating a clear compelling story on the Worlds bee populations being under threat of demise and the Hive Haven solution opportunity.
“A World without bees – can you image that”, without bees there would be no pollination, without pollination no food.
The innovative new Bee Box is a sustainable solution and is constructed using material created from recycled plastic milk bottles. The Box has a world first beetle trap and offers beneficial low maintenance and insulation properties. Hive Haven will also manufacture a small size Bee Box for Stingless Native Bee populations and encourage property and home owners to get involved and become part of the sustainable solution for Native Bee populations.
The pitch design and coaching provided Ann and Hive Haven  the winning edge….”it was definitely Rod’s help from the BEC that got us across the line” Ann said.

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