Warning. Check Operations before use.

Do not operate without Business Operational systems or business strategies in place. May cause drowsiness, complacency and severe loss of purpose increasing risk of failure.

Business cannot seriously expect great results and business growth without operational structure and process in place. Starting or operating a business without business strategies and operational systems is the reason too many business get trapped in a bubble of stagnation or morph through life as a job or hobby style business.

I experienced firsthand the entrepreneur dilemma. Operating as a sole trader, reluctant to employ, not knowing about margins and breakeven and trying to cover all the bases alone. Luckily – and luck is the dumbest operating strategy to rely on in business – that first business became a reasonable success 5 years on owning a commercial engineering workshop full of equipment. Business Operations got smarter after that.
To avoid the risk of business being trapped in a bubble there are fundamental mechanisms common for success.

  • Identifying a Business model that articulates market fit, value proposition, scalability and how income is generated
  • Develop a strategy from written planning of vision and end goals that create value.
  • Growing management skills to implement business strategy and operating systems that deliver the value proposition and end goals.

Business Operations define management and acumen that build systems to create replicable, scalable delivery of products and customer service supporting the business value proposition. Business operations enable compliance and regulation to ensure business is safe, creditable and protected.
Building a startup and growing small business is dependent on Business Operations and systems that manage the model and implement strategy allowing for many things to be done beyond having one pair of hands. Zero and MYOB manage bookkeeping and financial reports. Databases manage customers, sales and stock. Technology programs provide amazing systemisation and operational management. Not all startups and small business survive the 3 year bubble trap or grow into sustainable profitability.
Operating a business requires managing and systemising, deciding what is important and what actions will generate the best value outcomes that make the vision real and enable the strategy to deliver the end goal.

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