Employing People

Good employees can be your greatest asset, so recruiting and retaining the right person is very important. Find out your obligations under the recruitment and retention of staff, government laws, industrial awards and agreements, and contracts of employment.


Hiring people

If you want to hire someone, you need to decide on their employment status and find out what requirements there are for each status. There are also a number of obligations and laws that you need to be aware of when hiring people. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Recruitment

    If you need to employ someone, consider what you want the employee to do and what skills you require. Also consider the employment conditions, level of pay and other costs of employment, including the physical accommodation of the worker. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Employment status of workers

    The people working in your business can fall under a range of categories of employment. Each has a different set of obligations for you, the employer, and the people who work for you. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Hiring apprentices & trainees

    Taking on apprentices and trainees can provide real benefits for your business. Your new apprentice or trainee can contribute significantly to your bottom line, with practical skills and knowledge acquired through their training. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Hiring people from overseas

    Employing workers from overseas can give your business a real advantage, by introducing new ideas and technologies. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Equal employment opportunity & anti-discrimination

    In Australia, national and local laws cover equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination in the workplace. All employers are required by these laws to create a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Equal employment opportunity & anti-discrimination in your state or territory

    Useful guides, information and resources in your state or territory on equal employment opportunity & anti-discrimination. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

  • Incentives & support

    Finding people with the right skills for your business can be difficult. Taking on people facing barriers to employment is often overlooked by employers and can be a useful way of diversifying the skill set within a business. There are funding and incentive schemes available for businesses that support people with a disability, Indigenous Australians, the long-term unemployed and the mature-aged. Use the Govenments Grants & Assistance Finder to help you find the most relevant incentives and support to your business. (QLD Gov) (Australian Gov)

Read more about employing people and download fact sheets from Fair Work Ombudsman