As a business you could have some impact on the environment, whether large or small. Managing your impact as well as your environmental responsibilities can ensure your business is environmentally friendly and reaping the added benefits.

Business benefits & planning

Businesses with successful environmental management plans and practices not only help the environment but can also introduce significant benefits for their own business.

  • Business benefits
    By introducing sound environmental management practices and reducing your environmental impact overall, your business can profit from cost savings through efficiency or productivity gains.
  • Environmental planning
    Planning for your business is an important part of ensuring your business’ success. Likewise, when you decide to make your business more environmentally friendly, you can expand your business plan to include environmental management strategies.

Licenses & labeling

To ensure your business and the environment is protected, you need to know if your business activities fall under environmental legislation, licensing and labeling requirements.

  • Environmental legislation
    All Australian businesses can play a part in environmental management, but whether environmental laws will affect your business directly will depend on your business activities.
  • Licenses & permits
    Approvals for environmental licences and permits can be obtained from federal, state and local environmental agencies, and the type of approval you need will depend on the jurisdiction and type of your business activity.
  • Standards & labeling
    Certain goods or appliances manufactured or imported into Australia may need to comply with environmental standards before they can be sold. Each standard sets out a rating and labelling system to inform consumers on how efficiently a product uses an environmental resource, and has the added benefit of promoting suppliers with high rating products.
  • Environmental legislation in your state or territory
    Environmental legislation links and resources in your state or territory.
  • Environmental licenses and permits in Queensland
    Find licenses and permits in Queensland.