Grants and other funding programs are available from the federal, state and territory governments and in some cases from local councils. Generally there are no grants available for starting a business. However, there are grants and other assistance available for business activities such as expanding your business, research and development, innovation and exporting.

Grants & Assistance Finder

To help you locate grants and assistance relevant to your business, Qld and Australian Government have created a search tool called Grants & Assistance Finder. Using Grants & Assistance Finder, you can search for grants and assistance programs available within your state or territory, in addition to those provided by the Australian government. (Qld Gov) (Australian Gov)

Advice & support

Need help with starting or growing your business? Advisor Finder can help you locate government business advisory services in your area.

Simply list the type of advice you’re looking for and select your industry and state. Advisor Finder will tell you which services are located in your area and the type of assistance they offer, and provide contact details to put you in touch with people who can help. (Qld Gov) (Australian Gov)

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Attention- Most Grants Information is a FREE service – BEWARE OF PAYING FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS.