The starting your business checklist will guide you through the various stages of your business

Before you start a business

  • Do you know where to find advice and support?
  • Do you know when a hobby becomes a business?
  • Have you started planning for your business?
  • Do you know how to obtain finance?
  • Do you know which business structure suits your business?
  • Have you considered starting as an independent contractor?

When you start a business

  • Have you registered your ABN, GST or other business registrations?
  • Have you registered your business name?
  • Do you have adequate protection for your intellectual property?
  • Have you considered running a home-based business?
  • Do you understand your taxation obligations?
  • Do you understand your legal requirements?
  • Have you set up record keeping & accounting systems?
  • Have you arranged insurance?
  • Do you know how to employ people?
  • Have you considered applying for grants or financial assistance?
  • Have you considered doing business online?

When you buy a business

  • Have you considered buying an established business?
  • Have you considered buying a franchise?

Running your business

  • Do you know your ongoing employer obligations?
  • Do you understand your occupational health & safety obligations?
  • Have you thought about exporting goods or services?
  • Have you thought about importing goods or services?
  • Can your business benefit from applying for tenders and contracts?

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