Strict regulations apply on importing and exporting of goods, this covers customs and quarantine requirements, prohibited & restricted goods and assistance available.


If you import goods into Australia, you will be affected by certain government regulations. Your goods must be cleared by the Australian Customs Service (Customs) and duty and taxes may be payable. You also need to be aware of import permits, quarantine permits and treatment that apply to imported goods. (Qld Gov) (Australian Gov)


  • Customs requirements
    All goods imported into Australia must be cleared by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs).
  • Prohibited & restricted goods
    Some goods are prohibited or restrictioned so you need to check with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service before you import them.
  • Quarantine requirements
    Before you import goods, you need to find out if your goods fall under quarantine regulations. ICON is DAFF’s import conditions database. It contains the Australian import conditions for more than 20,000 plant, animal, microbial, mineral and human products.
  • Assistance for importers
    Before you consider importing a product from overseas, check the Industry Capability Network (ICN Gateway) to find a competitive local supplier in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Labelling requirements
    Labels are used by businesses to convey information about products, to promote features of products that may be attractive to the consumer, or to describe contents that the consumer can’t see.

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