Innovation must become a natural DNA . Systems of learning, Industry, government and the status quo kill it off. Children by nature are born innovators; they see the world as new. Toys are dismantled rearranged in new configurations. To get their job done children adapt and modify convention to suit needs and application. They have no fear for mistakes, experimenting and learning not restricted by judgement. A clear vision to execute what they feel and believe can make changes to their world. As life morphs, twists and advance the child innovator is lost. For the determined, the crazies, the innovative business people opportunity to be reborn exists.

Being new.
Innovation is creating or introducing something new, creating value.
Individuals and business can innovate by creating new customer experiences, solving new or existing problem better, working safer, developing efficiencies enriching life and opening new markets.
Innovation is creating value and growth. Business growth is related and measured by value. New changes without value is not innovation. Tinkering without clear goals, direction or outcome is not innovation.

Innovation Incremental. Incremental innovation is process improvements of existing products. As technology, material science and design advance products and services are incrementally improved yielding new value. The car industry unveils new models updated with latest technology and enhancements to remain relevant, perceived as new value to customers. Motorcycle innovations deliver engine management systems, fuel injection and traction control. Motorcycling innovated beyond transport by frame, engine and 2 wheels.
Micro and small business can innovate incrementally or continuously with new better financial, data, stock control, point of sale systems adding new value and customer experience. Developing a marketing value proposition is innovation.
Disruptive Innovation Creator Killer
Disruptive innovation is not new. Creating new services, processes and products that once did not exist is disruptive innovation at work. Coach builders were killed off by motor vehicles, electricity killed steam in industry and hydraulics and fluid transmission innovated and killed levers and cable machinery. Email killed fax and email will eventually kill the letter postal industry. Websites killed printed yellow pages. Suggestion boxes are by-gone industry innovation initiators.
Advances in technology have accelerated disruptive innovation now accessible to anyone. Starting business online to compete with established was disruptive. Online retail will disrupt again to kill those who go stale and don’t innovate new value

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