Marketing is Business DNA.
The broad brush understanding is Marketing is everything you do in Business. Everything includes how business presents itself, level of customer service, attitude, corporate conscience, customer perception of trust and reliability.  Marketing is selling. By creating awareness, building relationships with suppliers and customers, providing information, delivering a compelling message that engages customers  and convinces them to buy.
Marketing is a business story
Being in business is about having a story. Every entrepreneur, business founder, inventor and business owner has a story of why they start or operate a business. Similarly every enduring product has a story why it exists and what makes it great.   A compelling convincing story provided to the customer to motivate and inspire buying. But which particular customer? Any business person when asked ‘ who is your customer’ and responds with ‘everyone’ is a very naïve marketer destined to fail. Marketing to everyone wastes money, creates clutter and confusion by non-specificity and mostly does not create sales.
Why customers are King.
Business would be easy without customers however business would not exit. The reason and purpose of business is to connect products with customers and make sales.

Business solves a compelling problem or provides a value experience for the customer –  if not its irrelevant.

Business is transaction driven and without sales business eventually stops.  Determining the product fit with customer segments and having proof that a sufficient quantity of customers require your solution validates business startup and established business.
Business cannot sell a secret.
Nor will Business prosper without products of need. Testing and discovering that customers of sufficient quantity have a compelling willingness to pay for a particular product or service solution to help get their job done, to make life easier, to help them feel good, save time and money is basis for developing marketing message to communicate and sell. Customers buy product they perceive or know provide value to their life and the job they are trying to get done.
Marketing is the message.
Concise easy to understand communication that listens to customer needs emotions and endeavours. Yes listening. Affective marketing then speaks direct to the customer aware which channel works best for which customer. Marketing messages understands the pain, fear and value expectations held by prospect buyers.  Marketing designs and share conversation like talking to a friend, a personal special and intimate message. Marketing manages the messages of transitioning customers through awareness, consideration, evaluation and decision phases to purchase.
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