Online Business

Are you interested in starting an e-business? By trading via the internet you can save time and money, reduce your overheads and reach a much wider market. And you make it easier for your customers to connect with you.


Get connected

There are a number of useful guides, information and resources to help you connected.

Secure your website

If your business is connected to the internet, it’s your responsibility to protect your business data and information against unwanted intruders.

IT Training

Learning how to use your computer and its software packages will maximise the effectiveness of your new website.

Buying & selling online

Setting up an e-commerce system on your website or joining an e-marketplace can help you increase your customers within Australia, and help expand overseas.

Legal & consumer obligations

The legal aspects of e-business are all about managing risks. It is important to ensure your website contains accurate information that complies with current law. Good online business practices will also encourage customers to come back to your website.
Read more about your Legal & consumer obligations: (Qld Gov)

If you’re considering starting an e-business, or need more information about managing your existing web presence, visit the pages from below to find out more about starting your e-commerce or e-business.

Thinking about starting an online business


Starting an online business


How do I market my online goods or services?

IT skills and training
Programs and initiatives for online business
Terminology for online newbies