What is your best marketing message and how is value in what you offer communicated. Marketing is how business is presented, how it operates, why it exists and everything it does to sell to customers.  Dancing in a purple-cow onesies may get attention however customers want to believe that you are the better alternative in providing valuable solutions.
Value Proposition
Sales don’t happen when people have difficulty understanding the message or offering.
A powerful value proposition is what creates awareness, belief and communicates what you offer is the best alternative. A Value proposition is the collection of compelling reasons why customers should pay attention, take action and buy.  Value propositions must go beyond a business promise to deliver value. Business too often focuses marketing message on how and what they do instead of understanding the ‘why’ reason customers buy.
Customers buy Why and Belief
Discovering ‘why’ insight about customers is key. Core insight reveal what is important, how value is perceived and why customers have reason to get their job done. When a customer experiences your product or service how do they feel, what outcome is important, can real metrics be used to detail saving, increases and results after using your business. Features and benefits become irrelevant when customers don’t perceive them important factors or valuable reasons to purchase.  Having the biggest range and cheapest price is not always the ‘why’ to buy. A National car hire stated ‘we are not number one – but we try harder’.  Customers believed why and purchased. A powerful Value proposition is the foundation of all effective tagline mantras, pitches, unique selling propositions and marketing messages.
Create a Powerful Value Proposition Statement.

  1. What is the real pain, what is the job customers want to achieve – yes their problem.
  2. Concise and upfront, avoid jargon “platforms reciprocation grommet systemisation”
  3. What is important, how does the customer perceive value.
  4. Differentiate what is special or unique with your alternative solution to their problem – the insight from step 1.
  5. What creditable metrics describe the outcome from using your product or service.

Why does your business do (the offer X) in helping (the customer Y) in achieving (the outcome Z).
Is this Proposition the best option in providing valuable outcomes to target customers.
Distil your insights into a concise easy read few sentences your dear grandmother can comprehend.

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