Why is the answer. Why is our personal search engine and processor that leads our pathway to new discoveries and truth. Discovering your own Tao starts by asking why. Our natural learning and creative DNA process in childhood is being inquisitive and imagining why things are as they are. Unfortunately as life progresses beyond childhood so much individual creativity is squashed and re-programmed into conformity. Education systems kill creativity and constrains why. Children are banned from practicing cartwheels, creativity and expression squashed. Learning MBA is no guarantee for starting a millionaire business. Why.
Why Plan
Planning new business is a process of asking Why. Why is this business being created, why should potential markets and customers care. Likewise managing a business and expecting growth is answered by exploring why. Market fit, value proposition, market size and management skill are key components determining business success. Why do customers buy from us, why do customers perceive value in our products or services, why is this market suitable to scale the business and why do you think you have the required skill set, experience and acumen to grow this business. Why is the path to this truth.
5 Why Management Process
To solve a problem ask why. The Toyota Corporation was built on Why. Sakichi Toyoda, inventor and founder of Toyota Industries developed the 5 Whys technique in the 1930s and is still used to solve problems today. The 5 Whys is a simple. When a problem arises, simply keep asking the question “why” until you reach the underlying source of the problem. Why; the pump stopped working. Why; the motor overheated. Why; the bearings seized. Why; bearings were incorrectly fitted. Why; fitter failed to read instruction manual. Solution, improve induction process for maintenance personnel.
Why you
Finding your own why in life and business is challenging given that creativity DNA is rarely encouraged and conformity mitigates risks of greatness not failure. Truth is, whenever a rebel talent or disruptive new product or business emerge we welcome them as saviours and heroes, emerging to enchant us with true passion, creative uniqueness and new value. Rebels and misfits ask why not.
Great businesses and leaders find insights by seeking out Why. Why is what creates belief. Customers want to believe that business is ethical, that they will receive the best value and service. Customers don’t only buy what you do they buy Why. To get to why a business needs to gain insights to customers pain and purpose and articulate why the business does what it does starting with a powerful value proposition. Avoid the default of telling what and how and learn to articulate Why.

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